01 Mar 2015
Whitby - Leisure
Yachts in Whitby Harbour

Whitby is home to approximately 350 leisure craft, the majority of which moor on the Council moorings. These range from chain moorings in the lower harbour to pontoon moorings in the upper harbour. The swing bridge separates the upper and lower harbours.

Are you interested in a permanent berth in Whitby or a short stay as a visitor?

The leisure craft are serviced by the marina office which is located on the car park adjacent to the west side pontoon. The opening hours of the marina office reflect the seasonal fluctuation of vessels and visitors.

Visitors are restricted to a maximum stay of 14 days.

A slipway is located on the southern end of the marina car park and is ideal for day launches. The adjacent car park provides storage for our berth holders during winter. A full range of facilities are available for vessel owners and combined with local amenities and the beautiful town make Whitby an ideal destination.

All vessels exceeding 37 metres overall length require pilotage.

Please note our policy on vessels visiting our ports for charity fund raising.

View our Charity Vessels Policy - July 09

Contact Details

Whitby Harbour Office
Endeavour Wharf
YO21 1DN

Tel: 01947 602354
Fax: 08701 911327

Email: port.services@scarborough.gov.uk

Whitby Marina Office
Tel/Fax: 01947 600165

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